3008 A GEA



  • You can adjust the height of the table as you wish
  • convenient position for operating personnel
  • The tabletop and base adopt frame construction,the cushion won’t move when the table works,and then you can take the cushion apart from the table for cleanup.
  • 3008A is designed specially to meet the different demands of the market and according to the common advice of users.
  • The operating table is used for chest/surgery/otorhinolaryngology/ gynaecology and obstetrics/urology/orthopaedics operations. it uses pedal-operated oil pump to control its elevation (up/down),easy to operating and it is reliable. Because the operating table is all mechanically be operated, so it wouldn’t be influenced by power cut, which is more reliable and
  • The operating table is widely used, easy to be operated and adjusted with reliable performance, which is an ideal table for different hospital

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